ProbABEL v0.4.4 released

The ProbABEL development team is happy to announce the release of ProbABEL v0.4.4. This release is a bugfix update. People using the Cox Proportional Hazards regression module are strongly advised to upgrade.
(Please click on "read more", below, for more details.)
Information on how to get the source code or binaries can be found on the ProbABEL page. The most important user-visible changes are:
  1. Fix of bug #5729: consistency checks in the Cox PH module were incorrectly implemented, leading to too many NaNs in the output. Many thanks to Matthias Wuttke from the University Medical Centre Freiburg, Anne Grotenhuis from the Radboud Medical Centre Nijmegen, and Luba Pardo and Joris Verkouteren from the Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam for their time and effort in reporting the bug, helping to identify the problem and testing the fix. Note that for users who only use the linear or logistic regression modules, nothing has changed.
  2. Fix of bug #5982, which resulted in a failed install of ProbABEL on Mac OS X and FreeBSD. Thanks to user mmold on our forums for uncovering the bug.
Thanks to all who made this release possible, by providing code patches, by being beta testers, by suggesting enhancements, or otherwise.